Sykotic Tendencies consists of 3 siblings.

Eve, the youngest of the 3 plays bass and lead vocals!

Jonas, the middle, plays guitar.

Julian, the oldest, plays drums.

Sykotic Tendencies started in January of 2018 to play a 3 day festival called Loud!Fest in their home town of Bryan, Texas and it went over so well they decided to keep on going. When they started Eve was 12, Jonas was 14, and Julian was 16. They are a little older now and are still at it, writing hardcore inspired punk rock.

Some of the things fans, musicians, and promoters have had to say about them are “probably the most punk rock band I’ve heard in a decade raw and real”, “holy shit they are good”, “they are rad , they blew our minds”, “one of the best punk bands in Texas”, “I love your style and sound”, “I love how your sound crosses over so many genres everyone enjoys you”, “Sykotic Tendencies is opinionated, passionate and fearless , well done”.